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  • I bought a huge mug at the dollarstore. It says Size Matters and has a ruler border. I love it sooo much. I’m eating soup out of it as we speak. 
  • I can’t wait to watch Vampire Diaries Thursday. I’m dying to see what happens between Damon and Elena
  • I’m buying Frankie a hoodie from American Apparel  They are sooo damn cute. They zip up and have pockets. Debating between black and pink. Probably pink, oh and my co-worker wants to pay for it, because she’s Frankie’s “godmother”, she loves her!
  • Missed a call from my ob/gyn today, tried calling her back but the office was closed. I don’t know if he needs to see me or if he’ll just call the pharmacy to renew the prescription for clomid. Oh and George’s Semen Analysis results came back and everything is normal. So it’s officially me that’s the problem. Lovely.

I have the best, most supportive husband. He wakes me up every morning at 5:20am, he’s the one who takes my temperature and records the numbers every morning. He asks me how i’m feeling everyday. He asks me about my opks results, he looks at my chart with me, he’s just always there for me. This TTC journey has been so surprising, so much disappointment, so many tears and heartache. When me and him got together he never wanted children, he didn’t like them, didn’t think he ever wanted to be a father. Even when we got married he still said he didn’t want children. I knew he would change his mind eventually, we were still young and I didn’t want to pressure him into doing anything. In January 2011 we got Frankie the next day our godson Alex was born. On the long bus ride to go see him, we were both already missing our little Frankie, she was tiny and adorable and George had never been so in love. He held her and she loved him from the beginning, she was always a daddy’s girl! Anyways we were on the Mississauga bus he said to me, “you know, we should have a baby so Frankie and the baby could grow up together. I laughed it off. We met our godson and fell in love all over again. He was just amazing, so sweet, so tiny. When we got home, I went to take my birth control and he told me not to take it. Almost two years later and we’re still waiting on our turn. I know this is not what he expected, what I expected. Now we’re at the point where it’s four more rounds of clomid. After that where do we go? The doctor mentioned doing IUI, I don’t know much about it, if anyone knows about, or has experienced IUIs can you please message me, give me more info about it, the procedure, the cost, everything. 

Sorry this post has become longer then I thought it would be, I just want to thank all my wonderful followers and fellow ttcers, mothers, pregnant mamas, everyone who always sends me wonderful advice, words of love and support, hugs, smiles, I love you all, I don’t know what I would do without you guys! 

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